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Case study

healthcare web site

Licensed Therapist's web site.

Help! We need to:

Bring kindness and compassion to a cold, formal website. 

Obstacles (to jump, ride or fly over!):

  • Presenting a sensitive topic through technology.
  • Providing balance so the content appeals to both women and men.
  • Providing a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Solution: Warm, Welcoming Website.

In the same way people enter a room and feel comfortable enough to “make themselves at home,” we used this website to establish a comfort level and give people the confidence to take the next step of scheduling an appointment.


With Annette’s brand and warm approach as the driving force, we created harmony with these elements:

  • colors that cued a sense of warmth, new growth, brightness
  • photography that really showed Annette; we wanted her to shine through the website
  • Images that portrayed a feeling of change, newness, possibility, and hope
  • a voice that felt human and understanding
  • accessibility, usability and details: providing plenty of information to establish trust


Annette says that nearly every new client comments on the helpfulness of the website. They’ve told her it gives them a sense of what their experience will be, and invites them through the door (which can be the hardest part of therapy). In addition, the new website:



  • increased number of inquiries and phone calls from new clients
  • resulted in more patients being seen
  • made the initial internal paperwork process less daunting


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Stephanie did not stop until the last little item met my satisfaction. She was approachable, took feedback, listened carefully and brought concepts and ideas to fruition.

Annette Kielkopf

Licensed Child and Family Therapist