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Case study

healthcare web site

Innovative Anesthesia

Help! We need to:

Incorporate new content, graphics and functionality in a site that is simple to navigate and has an appealing and welcoming design.

Obstacles (to jump, ride or fly over!):

  • Presenting a medical topic without the use of overused physician and hospital imagery.
  • Communicating the company’s reputation through fresh content.

Solution: Engaging, Informative Web site

We used this website to communicate the company’s value proposition through a design that is simple to navigate and welcoming.


We created a website that is visually attractive and informative with these elements:

  • Colors and imagery that complement the company’s logo.
  • Visuals such as an abstract background and icons that create interest while also focusing on the company’s value proposition – no more photos of people in scrubs!
  • Content that clearly communicates what the company provides and who it serves.
  • Forms that make it easy for visitors to contact us – general inquiries and requests for proposals.
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The new website is much more appealing and provides a better user experience!

Stephen M. Schuster, Jr.

CEO and General Counsel, Innovative Anesthesia