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Why focus on internal branding?

Why focus on internal branding?

3 February, 2016


Think branding is for external audiences only? Think again. Internal branding is essential in creating a brand that is worth aligning with. Here is one of the main reasons why internal branding is so important.

It increases morale and internal pride.

Your organization can have the best mission statement in the world, top-notch services and sparkling facilities. But without people who care, believe and act in a manner that is aligned with the organization’s mission, there is no way you can share this excellence in any consistent way. Without your people on board, there is no way you can fulfill your mission.

One of the guiding principles at Strategic Design Studio is our belief that people want to be helpful, capable, and heard. People desire to be part of something important; they want to do their jobs well. (We sure do! And we know our clients do too.) When an individual’s role is valued, and their input is considered, morale increases too.

The best thing about high morale? It’s catching. This sense of internal pride can sweep through an organization. It can be the difference between mediocre and incredible. The belief that we are all contributing to the brand is the ideal place from which to grow.

This isn’t the only benefit of internal branding! Find out more benefits in our new (free!) report, Everyone Builds the Brand.