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Which media should you use?

Which media should you use?

25 March, 2015

When embarking on a new campaign, it might be tempting to use the same outlets to share information as you did for your last campaign. But this isn’t necessarily a good idea.

Every campaign is unique—there is no blanket method to spread the word. The answers lie in the group you’re communicating with—and must be based on the type of material you’re sharing.

It’s always a challenge knowing which media to use to deliver the right amount of material. Like we did in our privacy campaign for MedStar Health, it’s important to get creative. A health system is like a city—individuals are doing many different jobs; not everyone has jobs where they see email.

The best solutions are multi-faceted. 

For MedStar Health, we made sure to choose outlets that would reach the most employees possible, while also sending a positive external message to patients and the community. These outlets included:

● Hotline
● Print
● Electronic solutions
● Training
● Poster campaign

Learn more about this in our new report, When external audiences will see internal messages.

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