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We Have a Logo. Why Do We Need a Verbal Identity?

We Have a Logo. Why Do We Need a Verbal Identity?

13 August, 2018

We don’t have to tell you that in the 21st century, consumers have more choices and higher expectations than ever.

But have you noticed how many healthcare brands seem to forget that their audience is made up of human beings?

That’s why we stress that how you promote your healthcare services matters as much as what you promote.

You also, of course, know that your brand identity is more than your logo, more than the imagery and color palette you use in your communications.

An inconsistent or generic brand identity can make it easy for customers to ignore your messages—or worse, confuse you with another brand.

But words matter too.

The words that represent your health system or hospital can and should also set you apart from all the others in your territory or region.

That’s why making sure your copy and visuals align and powerfully define your brand is a critical strategic issue. In our previous posts, we discussed what a verbal identity is and the six red flags that indicate you either need one or the one you have is no longer cutting it.

Now it’s time to focus on why this often overlooked brand identity element is so vital to healthcare communications that connect with patients and deliver better marketing outcomes-- and higher ROI.

An opportunity to set your brand apart

Being perceived as authentic and approachable can be a massive differentiator for your healthcare brand. And getting it right is an opportunity to set your brand apart that too many healthcare systems and facilities are missing.

That’s why that is our focus in the latest white paper we’ve just published: Verbal Identity: Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs One Now. In it, we explain the strategic necessity of your verbal identity, give examples from inside and outside healthcare marketing that helps illustrate the concept, and share a quick red flag quiz to help you determine if it’s time to examine yours.

We understand that developing a distinctive verbal identity for a hospital system can be tricky to create given the multiple audiences and subject matter of healthcare marketing. But it can be done, and as we show in the whitepaper, it’s worth the effort.

Click to download it immediately.

If you could use the perspective of branding professionals with extensive experience in healthcare, let’s talk! Contact me here, or better yet, just pick up the phone and call me at 443.315.1282.

(Who’s “we?” you might ask. For this white paper, we’ve partnered with Dave Reyburn of DS Reyburn Strategic Creative.)