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The Beauty of Privacy & Compliance Editorial Calendars

The Beauty of Privacy & Compliance Editorial Calendars

1 December, 2013

Let's think differently in 2014.


The Problem

Your day-to-day is hectic, and sometimes regular communications about privacy and compliance slip to the back burner. And yet, building a culture of privacy and compliance requires regular communications and training of your employees.


The Solution

Editorial calendars. They're clean. They're easy. And they make life so much simpler.

Think about it: maintaining a schedule will tell you exactly what needs to go out, and when. It won't write your email copy or PowerPoint for you, nor will it send the newsletters out, but it does pinpoint the when, the what, and the who into one easy document. 

Thinking about your audience first is critical. It will focus your communication. Setting deadlines for the 1st draft and for when final copy is due keeps the project moving forward. Emergencies are expected and may take center stage, but having a plan in place to come back to will keep you organized.

You'll know what you sent out and what you need to send, when. Easy as pie! Maintaining an editoral calendar is a crucial step that will set you ahead of the curve when it comes to privacy and compliance campaigns. 

And you know what's even better? We made one to get you started.


The Freebie

Start with this FREE, simple Excel file to plan your regular campaigns. Download it here.


But Stephanie, it's not working for me!

If you find yourself pushing your regular privacy and compliance communications to the back burner, you are not alone. However, you are in a predicament. Postponing crucial conversations with employees is a missed opportunity to continue their education of privacy and compliance policies.

You know it's important, but there's too much else on your plate. Not a problem. That's where we come in.

You may find writing and designing privacy and compliance communications challenging, but we love it! We specialize in privacy and compliance campaigns. We'll help with writing, design, scheduling and finding the best way for you to communicate your message.

Call me at 443.315.1282 or email me today. I'm excited to dig into your campaign and make your life easier in the process!


Next Month's Post

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