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QUIZ: Is Your Verbal Identity Helping or Hurting Your Brand?

QUIZ: Is Your Verbal Identity Helping or Hurting Your Brand?

25 July, 2018

If developing brand communications for a healthcare system is your responsibility and you’re unfamiliar with the term “verbal identity,” check out our last post that explains what it is.

Then, take our verbal identity red flag quiz below.

You may decide it’s time to examine your own verbal identity. Why? In a word, choice.

When strategically integrated and thoughtfully managed, the variety of channels and platforms available in the digital era creates rich opportunities to inform and engage consumers with your marketing communications. 

However, when it comes to which providers and facilities to trust with their health, consumers have more choices too.

That’s why how you promote your healthcare services matters as much as what you promote.

Just as clear visual identity standards set your brand communications apart with a consistent look and feel, verbal identity standards help you maintain a consistent tone of voice and style in your copy.

With content being produced for multiple channels by different internal and external writers, the potential for inconsistent, unfocused messaging is real.

Like your colors and visuals, the words that represent your health system or hospital can and should also set you apart from all the others in your territory or region.

And without guardrails for creators to follow, your marketing communications may not be connecting with your audience as effectively as they could be. They may be ignored or, even worse, confused with another brand.

Take a moment to review these classic verbal identity red flags and see how many apply to your organization:


☐ No one would notice if you replaced the content on your website with the content from a similar institution in another market.

☐ Your content sounds bland or trite compared to that of other organizations you and your team admire.

☐ The copy for clinical specialties and service lines is department-centered rather than patient-centered.

☐ The quality of your written content varies from author to author and channel to channel.

☐ Content approval for major campaigns and projects like website updates comes back with comments like “This doesn’t sound like something we would say” or “Content is off strategy.”

☐ Digital engagement metrics, including “Likes,” “Shares,” information requests, or traffic to critical landing pages within your site, are not showing positive growth trends.

If you checked one or more of these warning signs, our latest white paper, “Verbal Identity: Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs One Now” can help.

Using real-world examples from leading brands both in and outside of healthcare, we explain what verbal identity is, why having one is a strategic necessity, and how to create or sharpen the one you have.

Click here to download it immediately.

If you could use the perspective of branding professionals with extensive experience in healthcare, let’s talk! Contact me here, or better yet, just pick up the phone and call me at 443.315.1282.