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Physician On-boarding Kit Proves Value of Discovery Process

Physician On-boarding Kit Proves Value of Discovery Process

24 January, 2018

We’ve published several posts sharing our experience leading a discovery process for Anne Arundel Medical Center’s (AAMC’s) new clinically integrated (provider) network—the CIN. As you may have read in our previous posts, leading the discovery process was a challenge because the “product”– the CIN program itself–was still in development!

Even with this challenge, the discovery process was effective and productive. It went so well, in fact, that AAMC returned to Strategic Design Studio when the time came to develop print materials to support the launch of the new CIN.   

What’s included 

The physician's on-boarding kit developed by Strategic Design Studio includes:

  • Pocket folder
  • 12-page overview brochure
  • 8-page resources and tools brochure
  • Welcome letter
  • Talking points (1-pager)
  • Clinical integration measures (1-pager)
  • Contacts card

The content for all of these pieces was vetted against brand and messaging guidelines, ensuring consistency and communication of key messages. It was then laid out in accordance with visual standards to further support representation of the CIN as an extension of AAMC.

5 levels of value  

Development of a physician's on-boarding kit delivers real value on the following levels:

  • It suddenly made the CIN program “real.” Rather than just an ambiguous concept, the CIN took on more solidness and credibility with the delivery of the launch package.
  • It provides a cohesive and consistent point of reference for AAMC people to speak from when approaching prospective members, and serves as an information-packed leave-behind for providers.
  • It demonstrates tangible value for the time and effort invested in preliminary foundational work. The speed with which the package was developed would not have been possible without having completed the discovery process up-front. 
  • It represents a visual standard and streamlines future creation and development processes by serving as an example for the AAMC team of how the CIN’s branding and messaging platform can be applied to an actual communications project.
  • It is designed for flexibility, self-sufficiency and economy. Pieces that change frequently were created using software that AAMC staff can use, so updates can be made internally. Some of the pieces were also designed to allow in-house printing for additional flexibility and cost savings. 

Why now?

Launching a new program is the perfect opportunity to consider your communications strategy, before anything new is written or designed. This critical step takes a little extra time, but saves resources over the long-term. Most importantly, it ensures more cohesive and more effective communications.

If you’re launching a new program, or just think it might be time for a brand and communications tune-up, let’s talk.

Interested in learning more about this specific project? Download the case study, How to Launch a Clinically Integrated Network - The Communications Foundation here.