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On-boarding Kit Supports New Network Physicians—and Doubles as a Recruiting Tool!

On-boarding Kit Supports New Network Physicians—and Doubles as a Recruiting Tool!

14 February, 2018

Last month, we highlighted 5 levels of value that came from the discovery process we performed with Anne Arundel Medical Center as we worked together to develop a physician’s on-boarding kit.

Today, we’re happy to report that the on-boarding kit is already delivering on its promise to help AAMC grow its new Collaborative Care Network.

How is AAMC using the new on-boarding kits?

The kits are designed and intended to support new providers as they join the Network. What has emerged as an additional application for the kits is to support the Network’s ongoing effort to identify and meet with prospective members.

“(In addition to using the kits for on-boarding), We’re using them as a recruiting tool,” said Renee Kilroy, manager of field operations for AAMC’s Collaborative Care Network. “We’re meeting face-to-face with physicians and their practices, and so far, we’ve added two new groups representing 55 providers to the Network.”

What has changed for AAMC because of the new on-boarding kits?

Before the kit was developed, the Network was a blur in the minds of the prospective members because there was no tangible takeaway—no physical representation of the resources and benefits available to physician members. All they had to rely on was their own memory of a conversation to make this big decision.

And while the kits weren’t originally designed for this purpose, they are proving to be an important leave-behind when Network staff meet with potential members.

In addition, according to Kilroy, “Because (healthcare administrators) aren’t necessarily familiar with our Collaborative Care Network, the information provided in the kit is a great resource for them as well.”

What has been the response to the new on-boarding kits?

“Providers love the resources we offer,” said Kilroy. “They’re a real driver for physicians to join the network, so our Resources and Tools brochure (included in the kit) really speaks to them. When physicians see the kit, they are very interested in our program,” she added.

Planning for the future of healthcare

The clinically integrated model of care delivery provides specific benefits to patients, providers and payers. We at Strategic Design Studio see this model becoming more common in the future of healthcare. With that, there will be plenty of opportunities for more communication and more education.

“We have to be very aware of the fast pace of change in healthcare,” Kilroy said. “We see opportunities to expand the kit for other applications, though we will always want to design for modularity so we can update different pieces as industry changes take place.”  

And of course, Strategic Design Studio will be there to help as AAMC evolves and grows!

Launching a new healthcare program requires building awareness, providing education and crafting ongoing communication—often for more than one audience. Let’s talk about how an experienced team like ours can help you navigate that launch thoughtfully, strategically and successfully.

If you’re launching a new program, or just think it might be time for a brand and communications tune-up, let’s talk.