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Marketing to Multiple Audiences

Marketing to Multiple Audiences

30 August, 2017

This is part 4 of a series of blog posts from our case study about a project we completed with Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) to develop a comprehensive package that included a brand brief, messaging platform, and integrated marketing communications plan for their new clinically integrated [provider] network (CIN). (Read Part 1 here and download the case study here.)

There were several aspects of the AAMC project that could have constituted challenges for the Strategic Design Studio team, but which instead became opportunities for an even more successful outcome.

Getting it right the first time
While there was pressure from various stakeholders within AAMC to produce content quickly, the Strategic Design Studio team recognized the need to back up and take a 30,000-foot view—in other words, do the discovery work while there was still an opportunity to do so. This would delay content creation initially, but would pay off in production efficiencies and consistent messaging for the short and long term.

“One of the interesting outcomes of a facilitated session is the chance for all the stakeholders to take the time to work together. It allows the transfer of knowledge from the client to us, and from us to the client’s customers. We take things apart, bit by bit, and then put them back together in an easy-to-understand value statement. It’s very powerful.”—Stephanie Helline, Owner and Creative Director, Strategic Design Studio

Getting the team onboard
Because the scope evolved from early discussions, and AAMC was not necessarily familiar with the proposed discovery process, each step provided an opportunity to build buy-in, ownership and confidence in the process and its ultimate outcomes.

Managing expectations
A project with far-reaching and lasting implications like this one requires a considerable amount of interaction between Strategic Design Studio and the client’s internal team, particularly during the discovery process. Tangible outcomes may not be recognized until a little further into the project, even though important groundwork is being laid. As the AAMC team began to see pieces coming together, anxiety eased and excitement began to build.

Remembering the many audiences
The CIN project will ultimately address multiple audiences:

  1. The provider audience targeted by recruiting efforts;
  2. The internal audience, including existing providers and staff;
  3. The community and social services partners that can provide additional services; and
  4. The patient audience.

Effective messaging and planning required constant awareness of the multiple audiences in play, and resulted in a more inclusive and cohesive effort.

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And if you are launching a CIN or another initiative that needs anything from key messaging to an integrated communications plan, let’s talk.