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How a scope of work evolves

How a scope of work evolves

21 June, 2017

When Anne Arundel Medical Center first approached Strategic Design Studio for marketing assistance, the organization needed a foundation for its messaging to help recruit new providers to the CIN. As discussions continued, it became clear that an expanded scope of work could best support AAMC’s efforts long-term.

Here is the scope of work we ultimately delivered, with definitions for how each was used:

  • The Brand Brief defines and documents the “who, what, how, and why” of the CIN. It includes statements of purpose and vision, key attributes, positioning and values—laying the foundation for messaging of all subsequent communications efforts.
  • The Messaging establishes a platform of consistent communication themes supporting the CIN. It provides a common starting point for all marketing messages—saving time, ensuring consistency, and maximizing effectiveness. 
  • An Integrated marketing communications plan outlines the many opportunities to carry the message of the CIN to different audiences and different personas, using the many vehicles and channels available.
  • The website content includes a significant basis of marketing communications material to support continued provider recruitment efforts, which is the primary focus of the CIN over the next couple of years.

We tailored our process to best serve AAMC.

  • Our Facilitated Discovery involved:
    • Two information-gathering sessions with members of the CIN’s leadership and internal marketing team.
    • A facilitated session with community members, clinicians, the medical director, CIN leadership and internal marketing staff to cover brand attributes and personas, and an evening segment to review and validate personas with providers.
  • Our Deliverables included drafts and revisions of the brand brief, messaging platform, integrated marketing communications plan, and website content.
  • The Final Presentation involved a demonstration of how various components can translate to finished goods.

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