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Could your internal campaign scare patients?

Could your internal campaign scare patients?

1 April, 2015

Sometimes, your campaign message is totally positive. But often, the information has a potential dark-side—especially if seen externally. While the details of a flu campaign are common knowledge to your employees, they could be alarming to patients if presented improperly.

How to deal? It’s crucial to figure out who’s seeing which messages (a lot depends on which media you’re using)—and to adjust the messages accordingly. For patients especially, consider all potentially concerning angles, and reframe them in a positive way.

This was one of the main concerns during our privacy campaign for MedStar Health—and the poster element of their campaign, specifically. Since it would be posted throughout hospitals, the posters would be widely seen by employees at all levels, patients, and any member of the community who was inside the hospital!

This made the messaging trickier. But it all came down to one truth…

No matter your initiative, your message stems from one place: Your organization’s mission and values!

To learn more about how we shared sensitive information, get our free report: When external audiences will see internal messages.

And if you need help informing without alarming—we can help.