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Compliance training: Loop in these perspectives.

Compliance training: Loop in these perspectives.

16 December, 2015

Compliance training: Loop in these perspectives.

Have you seen the November 2015 issue of Compliance Today yet? If so, turn to page 64…

Stephanie was honored to co-author Compliance training: The vantage point, with Walter E. Johnson, MSA, CHC, CCEP-I and Jeanne Fahey!

In the article, training is looked at from a compliance perspective, a marketing perspective and a physician perspective—three unique viewpoints which aren’t always seen together. You’ll find out how training can contribute to the brand and gain insight into five steps to developing an effective campaign. From creating trust, to designing, implementing and evaluating your program, this article is intended to help your healthcare organization create a successful and flexible program that drives lasting results.

Here is an excerpt:
Marketing perspective
When one thinks of marketing, one generally doesn’t consider marketing to be a viable partner in helping to promote compliance, privacy, and security messages; create a campaign; or assist with reaching compliance goals. Yet, marketing techniques can help get the compliance message out to internal and external audiences and reach goals, all while contributing to the organization’s brand.

So what is a brand, and how do I contribute to it every day?
“A brand is not a logo. A brand is not an identity. A brand is not a product. A brand is a person’s gut feelings about a product, service or organization,” states Marty Neumeier, author of The Brand Gap.

The feeling an individual has about the organization stems from all their interactions with the employees, contractors, and vendors representing the organization. This includes communications, from scheduling their first appointment, to the receptionist checking them in, to the nurse and doctor, to the cafeteria worker, to their experience visiting the website for information, and the list of touch points goes on and on. Every day, employees and medical staff of the organization shape the brand. When employees understand and embrace the organization’s values and recognize their everyday contributions, that pride they feel is energizing.

For the rest of the article, check your November issue of Compliance Today. Not a member? Email Stephanie; she will happy to share it with you.