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Clarity in the flood of information.

Clarity in the flood of information.

27 April, 2015

Employees and patients are two very different audiences, but they have something in common. They need clear information that is easy-to-digest!

If you’re speaking to healthcare employees, they are VERY busy, right? They are wading through lots of messages. If you’re speaking to patients, they probably have a lot on their minds. Your message must be heard in order to create trust.

To be heard:

• Distill, distill, distill.
• Use short sentences and small words.
• Ensure your headlines make a point.
• Use your mission statement as a guide.

Even in the most complex campaigns, clarity can be found.

Learn more about how to create clarity with your messaging in our new report: When external audiences will see internal messages.

If you’d like help boiling your message down to the essentials, let’s talk.