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Are you creating trust?

Are you creating trust?

15 April, 2015

Every message your patients see must create trust. For sensitive subject matter, this starts with informing instead of alarming.

But whatever the subject of your campaign, figuring out what’s important to patients (and how much to share) is sensitive work. Trust is first and foremost for every organization.

How do you balance the messaging against trust? Put yourself in the patients’ shoes. What are they worried about? What are their concerns? What do they really want to know? Wear your empathy-colored glasses to figure it out.

Here’s an example:


In this poster, we could have gone the route of “Always close your screen,” but patients could have seen it and thought, “Holy cow! You mean my information is all over the place on computer screens?” That might have been alarming, especially if the patients already had a lot on their minds. Because of this, we took a softer approach: “Close the shades for privacy.” This would remind employees to keep their screens private without alarming patients. Ultimately, this message stayed true to the mission statement and kept trust intact.

As a patient, you want to feel confident and assured. Ultimately, you want to trust the hospital caring for your health.

Learn more about how we turned a privacy and compliance message into a trust-creator in our new report: When external audiences will see internal messages.

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