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3 Goals of Any Comms Effort: Efficiency, Consistency & Extensibility

3 Goals of Any Comms Effort: Efficiency, Consistency & Extensibility

1 November, 2017

This is the last (part 6) in a series of blog posts from our case study about a project we completed with Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) to develop a comprehensive package that included a brand brief, messaging platform, and integrated marketing communications plan for their new clinically integrated [provider] network (CIN). (Read Part 1 here and download the case study here.)

We were so pleased with the process we went through on this communications project and we were happy to find out that our client at AAMC was too!

“When we got the materials back, I was very impressed. It was clear you did your homework and did a lot of research.”—Reneé Kilroy, Executive Director, Collaborative Care Network (CCN)

When the AAMC team saw the finished deliverables from the discovery process–the brand brief, messaging platform and integrated marketing communications plan– they knew they had what they needed to move forward with confidence.

These resources provided a solid foundation for all written and visual communication—and that foundation ensured:

  • efficiency in deploying those communications and crafting new communications
  • consistency in their presentation, and
  • extensibility of communications as new marketing needs arise

In addition, the website content that was part of the original scope of work was delivered, reviewed, and had only minor modifications. This deliverable would have been virtually impossible to develop without the foundation laid by the branding, messaging and planning work we recommended and completed at the outset.

This process resulted in a stronger, more effective website content grounded in strategy. It also resulted in a faster turnaround: the website content went through only one round of revisions, and had only minor modifications before it was approved as final.

Thanks to the participation of the AAMC internal team throughout the process, the client has ownership of the project and the finished product. This helps ensure that the recommendations and guidelines set forth in the branding, messaging and planning phases will be supported, and the sustained marketing effort will be consistent, targeted and effective. 

“We’re very happy with the results. I’ve already used several sections of the information you’ve provided in different things that we’ve done. We also have a great on-boarding package that wouldn’t have been possible if we’d not completed this project.”—Heather Matheu, Clinical Coordinator, Collaborative Care Network (CCN)

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And if you are launching a CIN or any other initiative that needs anything from key messaging to an integrated communications plan, let’s talk.